Episode 1: ARK: Survival Evolved as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with ZombaeKillz

ZombaeKillz, rising Twitch streamer star, joins the Pixel Therapy podcast to talk Blacktivism, invisible disabilities, parenting, and her video game history. Then, she shares how ARK: Survival Evolved taught her how video games could help her manage and overcome chronic pain– and how she built an inclusive community of gamers on Discord that continues to grow and push back against the “overwhelming monolith of whiteness” that Black folks, non-Black POC, queer and transgender folks, and the disabled and chronically ill community often experience when trying to break into the video gaming industry. Other topics covered: what’s it mean when streamers say ‘no politics?’, gaming with kids, privilege, dealing with racists sliding into your DMs, being on 75 Discord servers, survival games, poop management, paying it forward with love, self-care, living with lupus, moving through grief, lifting each other up, the Black Lives Matter movement.

About ZombaeKillz:

ZombaeKillz is a variety streamer, activist, BLERD and swear word extraordinaire. Zombae’s popularity has exploded in her year-long career– she’s appeared all over the internet, from streams with Lowco, to chatting on Spawn on Me with Kahlief Adams, to mentions in articles from GameStop and TIME. As an activist and community organizer, she advocates in Jackson, Mississippi for the rights of women who are incarcerated, people who are houseless, and the hungry. Follow ZombaeKillz for “C+ gaming but A+ entertainment!”



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