Episode 7: How Destiny’s Lack of Inclusive Design Spawned “Can I Play That?” with Courtney Craven

Show Notes

It’s been a rough couple weeks. We hope you’re all hanging in there and protecting your space. Recharge and hang with us! This week we’re joined by Courtney Craven (they/them), a video games industry accessibility consultant, captioner for Epic Games, and the editor-in-chief of Can I Play That?, the online destination for gamers and developers to find reviews, news stories, and features spotlighting accessibility advocacy within the gaming industry.

Courtney shares the frustrating and disturbing personal story of how playing Destiny with their late partner inspired them to break into the video game accessibility industry, and Spencer freaks out a little bit over having the chance to vent about Tell Me Why with another trans person. (It gets a little spicy.) We LOVED having time with Courtney and we think you will too!

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