Episode 13: Queer Theory, Fandom, and Relationship Dynamics with Power Couple Jude and Kerey

Show Notes

We’re joined by Keridwen Luis (she/her) and Jude McLaughlin (they/them) this week, a queer power couple who share decades of experience making games, running games, teaching on the intersections of queer theory and fandom, writing Lambda Literary Award-nominated science fiction and fantasy, and still managing to find time to sit with us and chat about fandoms, queer bodies, representation, and how Final Fantasy VII is basically a microcosm of their relationship’s early years.

Meanwhile, Spencer breaks down the whole GameStop situation that’s been all over the news this week and talks about a new multiplayer game they’ve been playing called Knights & Bikes, while Jamie shares the view from the top of the mountain of completing Persona 5: Royal.

Buy Kerey’s book Herlands: https://www.amazon.com/Herlands-Exploring-Womens-Movement-United/dp/0816698252

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Side Quest

Help secure the future of the Quileute tribe by moving the at-risk community to the safe zone where their culture and heritage can continue to thrive for generations to come: https://mthg.org/

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