Episode 6: Queering Gaming Culture and The Sims’ Secret Gay History with Mars Dixon

Show Notes

This week, we’re joined by Black queer YouTuber, musician, model, and artist Mars Dixon (they/she/he), who streams games everywhere as @wii_gay from Twitch to PornHub (you read that right), builds computers for trans people, believes in making gaming content more accessible to non-gamers, and is an absolute ray of gay light.

Mars shares how The Sims gave them a place to visualize a queer future, and provided sanctuary and validation during a rough childhood. Then, we dive into the story of a queer game developer, Patrick J. Barrett III, who pretty much accidentally made The Sims gay and changed the landscape of gaming forever. It’s a powerful reminder of how queer people have always existed and have always contributed to the creation of culture–and we will persevere!

Also, your co-hosts do a bit of a deep dive on our experiences playing Spiritfarer and its impact on our relationships to death and our mental health journeys.

Heads up: This episode contains story spoilers for Spiritfarer (20:45 – 37:30) and The Haunting of Bly Manor (29:40 – 37:30).

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